Avid Everywhere Helps Jewelry Television Meet the Challenges of Broadcasting Live 24/7

Avid ® (NASDAQ: AVID) today announced Jewelry Television (JTV), a leading television retail network, has embraced  Avid Everywhere™  to improve production efficiency, enhance collaboration, and produce a high volume of media to meet a demanding 24/7 production schedule. The end-to-end media management and shared storage workflow, built on the  Avid MediaCentral Platform , enables JTV to streamline operations, quickly access media assets, and create higher-quality content. – – “To meet the c…

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Building a One To One Customer Relationship: First Step – The Marketing Database

Creating a personalized one to one relationship with customers can be achieved through the use of data driven insights derived from a marketing database. –   – “The average company has a great deal of information on their customer, but frequently it is not connected. When marketers have the ability to query all their customer data, the factors that impact consumer buying behavior are highlighted,” said Don Monell, New Business Development Director.  –   – Here are the steps to take before creat…

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SilencerShop.com, Now A Suppressor Distributor, Rolls Out Uniquely Designed Local Dealer Program for FFL's with an Innovative Twist

Silencer Shop now operates as a suppressor distributor nationwide and offers a new “Buy-It-Local” program for their line of suppressors for local Dealers enrolled in their program. – – Silencer manufacturers have had to rely on the traditional Dealer system to sell directly to consumers due to strict regulatory laws. Through close-knit partnerships with local FFLs and manufacturers, Silencer Shop now sells suppressors directly to Dealers and consumers using SilencerShop.com's unique e-commer…

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Drawbridge Enhances Insights Suite with First-to-Market Cross-Device Path-to-Conversion and Multi-Touch Attribution Reports

Drawbridge , the leading cross-device technology company, today announced two new dashboards as part of its Cross-Device Insights suite, both of which are the first reports of their kind. With the release of the cross-device Path-to-Conversion and Multi-Touch Attribution reports, Drawbridge is helping marketers understand how brand exposure on multiple devices influence a consumer's purchase journey, in order to better plan and optimize their marketing mix. –   – “Brands and marketers have i…

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Massdrop Raises $40M in Series B Financing Led by August Capital to Build the Future of Community Commerce –

  SAN FRANCISCO – August 13, 2015 – Massdrop , the leading community for enthusiasts, today announced a $40M Series B financing round led by August Capital with continued support from First Round Capital , Mayfield Fund , and   Cowboy Ventures . Founded with a vision to inspire a new wave of community driven commerce, Massdrop has emerged as an expansive community for enthusiasts with passions ranging from high fidelity sound reproduction and mechanical keyboard assembly to quilting a…

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Amore Beaute launches on global marketplace under the theme of “Beautiful You, Beautiful Home”

Amore Beaute has introduced high quality decorative throw pillows, yoga mat bags, window treatment, bed covers and duvet covers, aprons, table runners, napkins and table mats, area rugs and table linens under the overall theme of “Beautiful You, Beautiful Home”.  – – These have been very positively accepted by consumers world over who can purchase these products through e-retail marketplace https://www.etsy.com/shop/amorebeaute – – “ Having lived in Japan, I try to imbue my craft with the el…

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Petkare Announces Giveaway Campaign for Premium Deshedding Brush for Pets in Exchange for Honest Reviews on Amazon

Most people agree, one of the signs a brand has confidence in their product is when they are willing to give it away to people with no connection to them at all in return for honest reviews. Pet care product company Petkare certainly consider themselves on that short list, recently announcing they are offering a limited number of their new Premium Deshedding Brush for Dogs and Cats to pet owners in exchange for their honest feedback on Amazon.com, where the brush is available. The innovativ…

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TAVIK Presents Brand at Outdoor Retailer in The Venture Out Experience

Orange County, CA – August 4, 2015 – TAVIK , original lifestyle brand, presents the brand for the first time at Outdoor Retailer in the Venture Out experience showcasing Men's Apparel, Tech Accessories and Bag Collections starting tomorrow, Wednesday, August 5th through Saturday, August 8th. Connecting the functionality of heritage workwear with modern aesthetic and design, TAVIK is the product of timeless concepts colliding with the digital age. TAVIK will feature their stand-out select…

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Melbourne Management Training Group Shows Businesses How to Manage Staff Effectively to Dramatically Increase Profit Margins

Popular Australian shoe store chain, Jo Mercer has a solid customer service promise that made them stand out for years from competing retailers in the industry. But due to inconsistent delivery of that promise, the shoe store chain started to see a downturn in profit. – – After training with The Retail Solution for three months, Jo Mercer began to witness a huge shift in returns, and an increase in profit. The Retail Solution, a Melbourne management training company showed Jo Mercer how …

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How to Market a Business Successfully – Melbourne Business Networking Executive Director Reveals Top Three Tips for Small Business Owners

Small business owners need to consistently reach a wider market in order to achieve significant business growth . They must also continually sustain that momentum to ensure their business thrives in an increasingly competitive industry. But as these owners usually have their heads buried deep in their own business, it can often feel overwhelming to consider creating or implementing a marketing strategy. – – Executive director of Melbourne business networking group BNI, Braith Bamkin u…

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